Easy Street - CornerAt long last, here’s a photo of the first few rows of Easy Street. I’ll be putting the rest together at quilt retreat next weekend. Can’t wait!

I did make changes in the pattern. I wanted to have a bit more grey than was called for and I wanted it to be connected with the four patches. I moved the tall pink and yellow to the A block and put a grey/black and white brick in its place on the B block. This eliminated the secondary stars but created a different secondary pattern with the greys.

I also changed some of the turquoise squares to pink to add a little more zing and be part of the secondary pattern. Once I’ve got it together at the retreat I’ll be able to hang it and take a decent photo. And then it’s off to the quilter!

Check out Bonnie’s site for photos of over 200 quilters’ Easy Street efforts.


Easy Street – It’s Looking Like a Quilt! — 7 Comments

  1. I love your quilt so far. the colors are fresh and lovely, and the layout you came up with is stunning. I’m actually thinking of making another Easy Street after I finish this one – in some very different colors – and I may “borrow” your alternate layout, if that’s OK. đŸ™‚ It really puts the emphasis on the center blocks.

    Happy sewing.

  2. Reminds me of going to the fair and being on the midway with all the lights. Of course mixed in would be the cotton candy and bubble gum. It’s such a happy quilt. So different from mine.

  3. I just saw your finished quilt that you posted on the Quilting Board and wanted to tell you that it looks fantastic!!! Love the secondary pattern you came up with and your color choices. I think there is so much more definition of the blocks with the black instead of gray. I used black too and I love it!

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