Goodies from McCall’s Quilting 2012 Quilt Design Star contest have arrived! — 3 Comments

  1. Lynda, You spoil my surprise, but I’m looking forward to receive my box of goodies. The Box has to cross the border…so it will be a question as to when I will actually receive it. As I’m reading all finalists bio, we are definitely sharing all the same passion of quilting. My sincere sympathy on the recent loss of your father, and speedy recovery for your husband. Your Challenge 1 quilt already carries a number of memories, and sometime that is the beauty of a quilt creation. Looking forward to see everyone quilt on Tuesday. All the best.

  2. Hi Lisette – I sent you an email but wanted to thank you for the condolences. I have wonderful memories of my father and my mother, and that’s so comforting. My husband is feeling better and being his usual supportive self. I think he told everyone in the hospital about the contest! Good luck in the contest – Lynda

  3. That is quite the Prize package. Our BIG Box didn’t come until the final round if I remember right. The sponsors are very generous. Good Luck to all the Finalists!