Where have I been? Getting ready for a quilt show and a giveaway, of course! — 13 Comments

  1. Don’t really have a name for you… not good at that but just wanted to let you know that the quilt and quilting is just stunning!!!! Good luck at the show!

  2. It’s gorgeous! Feathers Unchained maybe/ Not that I really need any more FQ’s but that name came to me. Good Luck at the quilt show!

  3. How about Hawaiian Melody, the colors and the quilting remind me of quilts we used to see in Maui. It is truly beautiful. Lynda Maram

  4. I’m thinking: Cathedral Chain
    I like everything about this quilt – the design, the quilting, the fabric choices. Very peaceful. Thank you. Faith.

  5. Hi, Lynda,
    Your quilt is very pretty. For some reason several names came to mind:
    1. Cheese and crackers
    2. Fall fling
    3. Pieceful Path

    Hope to share on Facebook if I can figure it out!
    Good luck!

  6. Hmmm, I’m thinking something like Through the Chain Links, but I’m not very good at naming quilts! Good luck, wish I could come see the show in person, maybe someday!

  7. I saw your post on the sbs group. What a wonderful beautiful quilt you made !!!
    When I saw it, I saw jewels in it and the colors remind me to a desert. So I think the name Desert Jewels would fit perfectly.
    Again …. this quilt is amazing !!

  8. Thank you all for the lovely comments! This quilt is one of my favorites and after the show I’m hoping to hang it in our living room. Thanks also for all the name suggestions.

    I decided to go with Southwest Splendor. The colors have a southwest feel and it seemed appropriate. Although I didn’t choose any of the suggested names, you all got me thinking in different directions and that helped me choose a name.

    We do have two winners, both chosen at random – Lynda from Chicago and MaryJean Bower. I’ve emailed both of you for your snail mail addresses and your fat quarters will be on the way! Congratulations!